The Rectangles—Looking Back, Looking Ahead

When I look back at the first article on our blog and think of our team back then, I’m amazed by how much have changed at The Rectangles since then. I could speak for hours on how hard we’ve worked and how much we’ve developed, but what’s the point? What is important is the result: our vision and approach to UX design is spreading fast!

Last year we finished dozens of interesting UX projects, launched a UX tool that made quite a buzz in all major UX publications as well as a few other sources and published dozens of articles about user experience such as this one.

Our team welcomed Ania and Natalia – talented artists and visual designers.This year we plan to continue on this path and we’re happy to announce that from now on there will be six pairs of legs on the quest to bring amazing user experiences. Our team has just welcomed two new members: Ania and Natalia – talented artists, visual designers and great problem solvers. Looking at the work they create, we know another great year is awaiting.

Ink on paper.

Ania is a traditionalist when it comes to creative process: good coffee, piece of paper and ink (a lot of ink) is all that she needs. She abandoned Biology studies for art school, but organic themes keep inspiring her works. If she’s not painting, sketching or drawing, there’s a high chance she’s dancing.

Ink on paper.

Natalia is an open-minded art lover, especially fascinated with painting. She travels the city by bike, finding inspiration in nature and people she meets on her way. Among her many diverse skills, there’s an ability to speak backwards fluently.

The Rectangles has grown both metaphorically and literally and we definitely don’t plan to stop. If you want to watch us grow, keep in touch.